Winter in the Remote Interior, Iceland


7-Day Photographic Adventure

This trip takes us into the interior of Iceland. The central highlands during winter time is a very remote, cut-off place with very limited facilities which requires a high degree of 4WD driving skills. This is not a tour that anyone else offers.

You need to possess a hardy attitude and positive outlook to embrace this real adventure into the remote interior. If you are happy to rough it a little by staying in mountain cabins for 4 nights (in shared sleeping quarters in a sleeping bag), with no showering facilities and outhouse toilet with no running water, and don't mind eating whatever our guide has brought in with us, then this is the trip of a lifetime for you.

Getting to and from the trip

Iceland Air has regular flights from Keflavik.


Please arrive in Reykjavik no later than mid afternoon on the first day. We will have an introductory talk and dinner together in the evening.

7-day Itinerary

In this section I'll give you a break down of what we're doing each day, in terms of location. There's a further section down the page which deals with what to expect as a daily schedule.

Day 1
Arrival in Reykjavik. Night in Hotel Marina. Evening dinner with the group.

Day 2
We will depart in the morning for the Fjallabak region of Iceland in Nissan Patrols arriving around noon. Lunch en-route at petrol station. Once we arrive, we will set up our mountain cabin with our bedding and unpack food and luggage before heading out for the remainder of the afternoon to explore the surrounding landscape.

Day 3 to 5
For the next three full days we will explore the Fjallabak region of the central highlands in our Nissan Patrols, shooting at sunrise and through the day until sunset.

Day 6
Today we will depart from our mountain cabin after breakfast once we have packed and cleaned our accommodation. For the rest of the day we will head out of the central highlands, stopping along the way to make photographs of the surrounding landscape arriving back in Reykjavik around 5pm. Evening in hotel Marina. Dinner with group at nearby restaurant.

Day 7
Departure after breakfast.

* We may alter the tour itinerary due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

Travel Insurance

It is a condition of booking any of our workshops/tours that you have comprehensive travel insurance to cover you for trip cancellation (by you), activities involved and destination. This cover should include repatriation costs, air ambulance and helicopter rescue.

We work with Travel Nomads, who offer insurance solutions to people in more than 140 countries across the world.

Should you decide not to purchase this insurance, you must provide us with details of your alternative insurance with or before your final payment.

Daily Schedule Outline

Each day will have the following format:

We will shoot during the daylight hours, heading out after breakfast and staying out until we return for dinner in the evening.

8:00am - 9:00am
Breakfast, prepared by ourselves in the mountain cabin. We will also prepare our own packed lunch for each day.

9:00am - 5:00pm
We will head out of the mountain cabin to roam the surrounding landscape looking for motifs in the landscape. Each day may present something new in familiar terrain so we will take advantage of the light and shoot when it's good. Heading back just after sunset to our accommodation to prepare dinner as a group.

7:00 - 8:00pm
Dinner, prepared by our guide. As a group we will help with setting the table and cleaning the dishes.

8:00pm onwards
Your own free time.

Icelandic Guide & Super Clearance Vehicles

Due to the remoteness of the Fjallabak region & the challenges of the Icelandic weather, it's only possible to venture there in high-clearance super vehicles and with the aid of some professional help.

We will be traveling in 2 x Nissan Patrols, with two experienced Icelandic drivers / guides.

We will be traveling in 2 x Nissan Patrols, with two experienced Icelandic drivers / guides.

We will therefore be traveling in a modified high-clearance super jeeps (Nissan Patrols) with our own professional guide & drivers. Our guide is a former member of Iceland's Mountain Search & Rescue and has assisted international networks such as National Geographic, CNN and CBS with shoots in Iceland. So you will be in good hands.


Terms & Conditions

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